xbox 360 RROD

Just recently my launch day xbox 360 froze whilst playing. Unusual for me but it has happened before so I reset it as usual but to my dismay nothing happened. I tried another reset and was shown the dreaded 3 red lights.

Over the next day I periodically tested the console and either got a blank screen or the red ring of death – damn!

So after doing more tests I finally conceded and contacted Microsoft – well I say contacted, but in reality their online support forms were broken. So not only could I not arrange a repair online, a simple message to them using their contact us form was also impossible – not very impressive at all for a software giant.

In the end I sent an email and would you credit it, that very night I tested the xbox again and it was working. The next morning I once again switched it on and hey presto, it was still working fine. Continue reading