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What is is a website that aim’s to bring you all the latest tech news and reviews along with a diverse community. Whether you just pop in occasionally or are a daily visitor to, it will strive to provide all of your tech needs.

Inside Project is a computer enthusiast’s source for the latest hardware, software and computer related news which I have had the pleasure of redesigning from top to bottom twice.

The Early Years

insideproject version 0.0Founded in April 2001, Inside Project has established itself as a premier and popular technology based review web site.

The first incarnation of the website (I’ll call it version 0.0) was pretty basic by anyone’s terms, coming with a plain black background, one large logo and white text.

insideproject version 0.1This design was quickly superseded by version 0.1 which went live in July 2001. This design was similar to the original black design but featured left and right sidebars as well as more blue styling. Added to these changes was the loss of the large logo.

insideproject version 0.7Then the first major change of design happened in November 2001 where the predominantly black styling was changed for a white, grey and blue design. What I’ll call version 0.7 featured a central content section with left and right sidebars.

I should point out that all the pictures featured on this page are of the front page of but it also features a community forum which is normally styled to complement the main website design.

How I Started

Yet again I’m not entirely sure how I got started doing work for but I believe that Robby must have seen my work with and asked if I could help out.

So over the years I have helped out in creating several designs not only for the main website but for the community forums as well. In fact I not only designed the styling of the website but I also implemented and maintained the backend software as well as any other jobs that I have been asked to do. Also due to my designs I normally have to do some custom coding to get the functionality or design correct for my vision of the website – so it truly is unique.

If there is a problem with the website then I am more than likely the person who will sort it out. So if there is a hacker, a problem with graphics, links, adverts or the forums then I will take a look and hopefully figure out the problem and fix it before the website suffers for too long.

Version 1.0

insideproject version 1.0Version 1.0 of the insideproject website was the first designed by Cactushead with some guidelines from Robby and went live in May 2002. This version was designed around a metal theme and proved to be popular for the years that it was used.

Version 2.0

insideproject version 2.0Version 2.0 of the insideproject website, designed yet again by Cactushead was launched on August 8th 2004. This version was based around a customised Mambo CMS and was much more CSS based. The reason it changed so much was because of the move to a PHP based website which all resulted in a much cleaner and fresher appearance to the website.

The new insideproject (aka version 3.0)

insideproject version 3.0I have been asked by Robby to yet again create a new version of and this will mean another change of backend software. So I will be migrating all the current content which is on the Mambo system over to a new Joomla version of the website. A totally new design will be created and I may even change the forums software before I also style it to match the new fresher and cleaner design, resulting in a whole new insideproject experience.

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