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What is is a response to consumers all over the world who want to know how to make their life greener. They are dedicated to keeping consumers informed by evaluating, tracking, and explaining the latest in green technology, business, and consumer goods.

How I Started

Well this one is simple, I was contacted by Robby from insideproject on the 7th December 2007 who told me he was starting up this new side project called Greener Trends with some of his friends. He then expressed his interest in getting me to do a logo and minor graphic work for the new site.

The website was currently using a free wordpress template called glorious future and so I used this as a basis for a redesign.

What I Did

This redesign was done by first creating a quick image mock-up of what I thought would look nice and fit in with the context of the site.

Robby then got back to me and approved the new design and so I then went off and did my thing to create the new custom template.

This involved creating new graphics and editing the stylesheets to change the current template into my vision for the site.

NOTE: The new template design is not yet live.

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